Thursday, June 2, 2016

Donations to the Park

Parents thank you so much for signing up! This is what everyone is bringing. Thank you! 
We had a great year in kindergarten :)

Pizza (2 each): Emma, Valentina, Diego, Milena, Valeria, Cameron, Oscar

Little Cesars Pizza $5 and opens @ 9:30 am, Costco @ 10am

Juice: Ava, Kyden, Mia V, Miguel, Kayman, Matthew, Aiden

Water Bottles: Rohry, Trevor, Riley

Cookies: Vivianne, Azaria, Mia P, Ariana

Last Day of School Reminder

9:00 am – Parents join your child in their class for end of the year activities (kinder certificates, memory art books, photos.)

10:00 am- Parents will head down to the auditorium for Kinder End of Year Show. The kids will sing with the other Kinder classes.

10:30 am – Your child will walk to the park with their teacher. Please turn in your permission slips.

10:45 am-12:30 pm – Your child will get to play and eat with all the other Kindergarten classes.

12:30 pm – As a class, your child and their teacher will walk back to class.

1:00pm – Minimum Day Dismissal Teacher will say her final “See you soons” and dismiss to parents J