Monday, March 9, 2015

Balboa Puppet Theater Chaperones

I hope everyone is having a great day. The field trip to Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater is Wednesday, March 18th. As you know, each class is only allowed to take 7 chaperones due to limited seating in the theater. 10 parents were interested.  I chose the following parents to chaperone based on the first permission slips that came in. Please turn in $5 cash with your child as soon as possible. No siblings or toddlers may attend as you will be in charge of a small group of students.


1. Karla Tamez (Khloe) $5 needed
2. Vesna Ramos (Rylee) Paid
3. Maria Aceves (Mia) Paid
4. Ileana Brogan (Ian)  Paid
5. Daniella Collins (Gabriel) $5 needed
6. Barb Farinas (Olivia) Paid
7. Lauren Filamore (Miles) Paid

Everyone turned in their permission slips! Yay! Thank you!

Book Fair

Please take your children before or after school. I will take my students to preview only. Thanks!