Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Help Needed

As you know, the Gallery of Experts is coming up! Student work is done and I need parent volunteers to take home 5-6 presentation boards home this weekend to put together. I have included a sample of what the board layout should look like so it should be easy, papers just ready to glue on. If you are interested please swing by my classroom tomorrow or Friday at 8 am or after school to pick up the materials. Thank you in advance and for those of you that have been helping out so much this time of year!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Meet Taylor the Elf

We have a new visitor in our classroom. Taylor the elf is visiting during December. Every night she reports back to the North Pole to tell Santa how each child did that day! Rumor has it she likes to hide in a new silly place each day. The students are doing fun activities revolving around this elf on the shelf. Ask your child about it.


Gallery Of Experts:  Tuesday, Dec. 15th, at 5 pm in my class Room 307. Kinder students will showcase their learning from our unit of study about stories. Our little local authors will be sharing stories they have written and illustrated.  They will also be presenting the process they went through to create their story. Local authors will be available for book signing! Parents and families ARE their audience so please try and make this one!
Holiday Show: Thursday Dec. 17th, 8:15-10:00 a.m.: Each class will sing a song on the stage in the auditorium.  My class will sing "Mi burrito sabanero" which is a traditional Spanish song kids sing during Las Posadas/Christmas in México. After all the kinder performances, all classes will join to sing a very special and memorable holiday song together! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast Sign Up

Dear Parents and Families,

  On Friday, November 20th, we will have our annual Thanksgiving Feast. We are busy getting ready for this special day by learning about Pilgrims, Native Americans, and the 1st Thanksgiving. Please sign up to donate one of the items on our list. ALL ITEMS MUST BE STORE BOUGHT. Please sign up for an item on the google doc link below.

Thanksgiving Sign Up Here

  In order to make our day a big success we will need lots of help. Please bring your item to the auditorium on Friday by 10:00, or send in with your child that morning. Our feast will begin at 10:45. It would be great if we could have some help before, during, and after (please do not bring siblings). Please sign up to volunteer on the google doc. After students are done eating, they will go back to their classrooms with their teachers. Dismissal is at 1:00. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bonita Pumpkin Patch

Our Field Trip to the Bonita Pumpkin Patch is around the corner! It's on Monday, October 19th at 11:00 am. As you know, I was only able to select 8 chaperones who have to drive and meet us there. Only 8 parent's signed up so far and you are selected to attend. The following mommies will chaperone and be in charge of supervising a small group:

1. Claudia Perez (Mia's Mom)
2. Velda Alexander (Azaria's Mom)
3. Amy Marcial (Trevor's Mom)
4. Norliza Cruz (Emma's Mom)
5. Janet Eleazar (Kyden's Mom)
6. Heidi Escobedo (Valentina's Mom)
7. Angela Guerrero (Ariana's Mom)
8. Ianne Blakely (Ava's Mom)

Reminder: Please bring a healthy sack lunch and closed-toed shoes

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Festival

Our wonderful Camarena PTA is holding our school’s FIRST Fall Festival on November 6th. Each class is in charge donating a themed gift basket. Our class basket will be Family Fun Weekend Themed. Heidi, our room parent is creating our gift card tree (rather than an actual basket). I am asking if you can donate gift cards which is easier for different places you already take your kids to. Many of these are on for half off! You may also try Costco and For example, Johns Incredible Pizza , Jump Around Now, Pump It Up, Urban Jungle Fun Park, AMC Theaters, UltraStar Cinemas, San Diego Kids Expo & Fair, Daydreams Ceramic Cafe, Legoland, Seaworld, San Diego Zoo, are just some ideas but are not limited to these. Please try to turn in the items by Monday, October 19th. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mexican Fiesta Details

Our Dance
Our students will be dancing a baile folklórico dance called la Raspa that originates in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz. Below is a youtube video of the dance. 

Will they have costumes? What do they need to wear?

Yes, we will have costumes!!
Girls (12 in class): A few lovely mommies are sewing 12 long skirts so the girls will wear those. Please have them wear shorts underneath! They will need a plain white shirt or blouse to wear with it. Their hair needs to be braided during the day on Thursday- it’s going to be beautiful! 
Boys (11 boys): The boys will all have sombreros (please purchase those) and colorful belts/cummerbunds. They will need to wear dark slacks and a white button up shirt if possible.
Booths and Volunteering!
Our class is in charge of 2 booths: the Nacho Booth and the Soccer Game. We will be selling Nachos with Srta. Smith's class so we will be sharing those jobs with her parents. 
A form will be sent out tomorrow with the jobs that our class is responsible for! Below that, there is a donations list for the ingredients we need to make nachos. If you prefer to donate $10 rather than take a trip to Costco/Walmart, that would be fine too! Just note your name with a $ next to it so we know that item will be paid for- and maybe I can recruit someone to do the shopping :)
Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or other ways you would like to help. I am looking forward to an amazing event! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thank you for submitting your Parent-Teacher Conference forms. Please turn them in this week if you
haven't done so already. Your confirmation with your scheduled day and time will go out this week so look for it in your child's blue daily folder. I'm looking forward to discussing your child's progress in the dual language program this quarter. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Welcome to DI Kindergarten!

Welcome to DI Kindergarten! If you want to know more about me, Click on the "About Me" tab above. I am so honored to be your child's teacher! We will have a great year together!


Thank you for being so generous with the classroom donations! If you haven't donated and still want to help, I need the following items: Laminating Sheets and Rubber Cement Glue. Thanks!

Curriculum Night

Save the date!! Wednesday, August 5th, Camarena is having our school wide Curriculum Night. This is for parents only. There will be a general session at 5:30 in the auditorium first.  I will be giving a presentation at 6:00 in my classroom. (If you have a child in a different grade level, please attend your Kinder child’s class at 6:00 and your other child’s presentation at 6:30). I will be providing a lot of information regarding academic expectations, homework, and ways to help your child be successful at school.  I will also be available to answer any questions you have specific to our class. I highly encourage you to attend this event! There will not be childcare provided, so please plan accordingly.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Friday Reminder: Last Day of School

This Friday, June 5th is the last day of school. On this day, I will pass out kinder "promotion" certificates  (It's not a graduation), show a slideshow and pass out their memory books. This celebration will be in the morning from 9-10 am in my classroom. Its an intimate celebration so I hope parents asked for the day off.

However, afterwards we are walking to the Park (across the street from Camarena) and ALL kindergarten classes will be participating. Please turn in your permission slips if you haven't done so already. Thank you!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

DI T Shirt Money Reminder

Hello Parents,

This is just a friendly reminder to please pay $20 for the t-shirt your child has already. If you
find there is an error please let me know as soon as possible. I have to turn in money in our
DI account by next Tuesday. Thank you!

Azryah Baltazar
Noah Ellingson

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

End of the Year Picnic Sign Up Sheet

The Park will be on the last day of school on Friday, June 5th for a fun day at the park along with pizza!

End of the Year Picnic Sign Up

Please have pizzas at the park by 10:30. Costco opens at 10 and Little Caesar’s opens at 9:30. You may want to call and pre-order the night before. All food items must be store bought. Please do not bring the food items to school on or before that day. Please bring them directly to the park that same day at 10:30.  This will be a normal minimum day dismissal from the classroom at 1:00.  Our classes will walk back to school together. If you would like to sign your child out early, you must do so at the office when we get back. Please feel free to bring blankets, chairs, umbrellas, chalk, soccer balls, etc., for the picnic!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Homework, Volunteers and End of the Year

We have 2 1/2 weeks left until Kinder is done. Tear in my eye! With that said, there is NO more homework. I would like for you to please email me photos you have taken throughout the year to include in a slideshow. Please send them by this Friday, May 22nd.

I also need Volunteer help!!! We are gluing on the final pieces on the Shark Project Boards. Thanks for those of you who have helped already.

Reminder: The Shark Gallery of Experts is already next Tuesday, May 26 at 3:00pm in the auditorium!
Please be on time.

On Friday, June 5th is the last day of school. On this day, I will pass out kinder "promotion" certificates  (It's not a graduation), show a slideshow and pass out their memory books. This celebration will be in the morning from 9-10 am in my classroom. Its an intimate celebration for our class only. However, afterwards we are walking to the Park (across the street from Camarena) and ALL kindergarten classes will be participating. More info and permission slips will be passed out soon. Please ask for a day off on this day. Thank you!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I would like to wish you all wonderful mommies a delightful Mother's Day surrounded by your
lovely families. Here is a story I'm sure you will enjoy on behalf of your children. Note: It's a tear jerker! =) Have a great weekend!

Fridays are DI T-shirt Days

Just a reminder to have your children wear our wonderful DI T-shirts every Friday 
(there are not many left). There are teachers from Los Angeles coming to visit our school
tomorrow, our DI program in particular, so we want to show our DI pride. Thanks!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Donations and Volunteers Needed

Many parents are so nice to ask about donations this quarter. Here are a few items we need:

1. Laminating sheets (sell at Walmart)
2. Rubber Cement Glue (one per student, bring in 2 if you can) It's needed for put together our shark presentation boards.
3. Clorox Wipes
4. GreenWorks Cleaner
5. Newspaper for Stuffing a Shark we are making in class

Volunteers are needed the next 2 weeks to help put together the kids presentation boards.
1-2 hours of your time will due. Thank you!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Balboa Puppet Theater Chaperones

I hope everyone is having a great day. The field trip to Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater is Wednesday, March 18th. As you know, each class is only allowed to take 7 chaperones due to limited seating in the theater. 10 parents were interested.  I chose the following parents to chaperone based on the first permission slips that came in. Please turn in $5 cash with your child as soon as possible. No siblings or toddlers may attend as you will be in charge of a small group of students.


1. Karla Tamez (Khloe) $5 needed
2. Vesna Ramos (Rylee) Paid
3. Maria Aceves (Mia) Paid
4. Ileana Brogan (Ian)  Paid
5. Daniella Collins (Gabriel) $5 needed
6. Barb Farinas (Olivia) Paid
7. Lauren Filamore (Miles) Paid

Everyone turned in their permission slips! Yay! Thank you!

Book Fair

Please take your children before or after school. I will take my students to preview only. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Parent Conferences

It's that time of year again! Parent Conferences will be from March 11-19th. We will review your child's progress and report card. The sign up sheet went home today. Please turn them in as soon as possible as I will be giving the kiddos a special pencil. I look forward to seeing you all!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Thank You

I just wanted to thank all of my students and parents for making my birthday so memorable! You are all so generous- roses, cards, gifts- I felt so special! I am truely honored to teach your children a second language day in and day out! As you can see by this photo, we are a little family and I love and care about them as if they were 24 of my own! They are a blessing.

Valentine's Day

We are celebrating Valentine's Day this Thursday, February 12th. The students will be passing out cards to each student. I have 14 boys and 10 girls in my class. I am not sending a list of student names because it takes a long time for them to pass the cards out. Rather, have your child write his or her name on ALL 24 Valentine cards. You may add a pencil or stickers. Camarena follows the District wellness policy, so please don't bring any candy or baked goods. I appreciate your help.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Many parents have been offering to donate to our class! That's great! I have plenty of hand sanitizer and tissue. I am in need of the following items:

1. Laminating sheets (photo above) from Walmart or Office Depot
2. Mr. Sketch markers (Office Depot)
3. Fruit Loops (generic brand is better) for 100 day necklace (4 bags before Friday)
4. Rope (yarn thickess) to thread fruit loop necklace
5. GreenWorks Surface Cleaner

Thank you!

Friday, January 23, 2015

100 Day in School

Our 100th Day of School is on Friday! For the Unit of Study homework this week, your child is working on completing their 100th day vest. They are asked to come to school on Friday the 30th, wearing their vest for 100th day parade.We would love for you to join us as the Kindergarteners march around the blacktop, celebrating the number 100! Just as we did for the Halloween Parade, we will march around the large blacktop after we drop off our belongings at our classrooms in the morning. Please stand in the middle of the blacktop so we can march around you for picture opportunities and counting fun. This should last no longer than 15 minutes. Have fun decorating!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Math Homework

Good afternoon! For some strange reason, the link for the math homework this week expired.
I just printed out the page so please look for it inside their blue homework folder. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a restful and safe break. 3rd quarter has arrived and the focus is letter names, narrative/expository writing, traditional stories, reading comprehension, addition, subtraction and it's going to be fun!

Remember reading their writing at the Gallery of Experts? The students are writing entire paragraphs. Wow! It's not what we did in kindergarten that's for sure. They will be writing and reading about different topics that they can relate to. YOU will be their audience so please ask your child to read the writing drafts that go home. This is how they will take ownership of their writing. Spanish reading materials will also go home throughout the quarter.

Please check my "Resources" tab to view the letter names and shapes videos. Also, please follow me on Twitter, the link is on my blog. Just create an account. It's an easier way to communicate faster VS email if you just message me because I get it directly on my phone. Have a great evening!